What clients are saying about Root Therapy:

“I’ve never worked with anyone like Jones. For 30 years I’ve been looking for a practitioner to meet me in these realms. Jones does. Jones is host to an extremely rare quality: she allows the question to arrive – whatever it is, how bright, how hidden, how painful. When we work together we are not emptying bottles and applying solutions, we don’t chase the question away, we don’t smother it with possibilities, though Jones is no stranger to precise practical application. Jones listens and watches and gently hands the question back to me. She says: it is yours and I am here, what do you see, what sound do you hear, where does it sit, what do you wish? The work becomes a collaboration, because of this gentleness, because of imagination, because of capacity, call it intelligence, call it love. The question is fundamental:  how has consciousness chosen to manifest itself and what is the responsibility – to myself, to others, living and not. I always thank Jones at the end of a session for taking the journey with me, for keeping the road safe – she will humbly say, it is you – yet, I would not have travelled in that way without her, without her love and ever expanding permission – a profound permission to be – to inhabit the imaginal as it is expressed in bones.” — Molly H, Craniosacral Practitioner

“I have the blessed opportunity to receive craniosacral work with Jones Franzel about every two months. Whoa. As someone who’s gotten a lot of bodywork, I mostly want a practitioner who can hold some big space, infuse love into the work and help me get to the places I can’t quite get to on my own.

Jones’ ability for depth, for helping me to understand my life in new ways and the shifts I experience on the table often blow my mind while reseting my system. Grateful to have her as part of my team and want to let folks know she practices right here in Portland. Highly recommend her work.” — S.H.

“I came into my session with Jones in a real state of sorrow, feeling very unsettled and vulnerable. She held space for all of my feelings and my story with such non-judgement and compassion that it felt like anything was permissible in the session. We talked, and then on the table, with her gentle energy guiding me, my body let go into acceptance of the void and the rawness. I left the session feeling considerably grounded and fully witnessed. Jones is a gifted healer who creates deeply safe space just by her presence.” — C.M.

“Jones is warm, supportive and direct. She works intuitively and wholly with me; I love the space she creates for me to participate in my own experience on her table. Each session has transcended my expectations of the restorative, long-term benefits of massage. Deeply recommended. ” — Kate W.

“Jones is a natural. She is honest, funny, smart and real. She uses all of these gifts and more to create a space and time that is for you and for your healing – right where you are. It is easy to be on Jones’s table and every session leaves me grateful for time with her….and my body agrees!”  — Client

“Jones is one of those rare practitioners who brings her whole self into the treatment room, offering wisdom and love effortlessly as she works. She is blessed with the kind of hands that move intuitively into the places that need attention with just the right kind of touch. On the way home from my most recent massage I felt awake, relaxed and lighter in body and soul than I had for months. We are so lucky to have Jones as part of our healing community.” — Anne R., 20+ years as practicing acupuncturist

“Jones has a natural gift with touch and healing. She quickly and intuitively assessed my problem areas and began to  relieve my chronic pain in the first session. She is professional, kind and easy to work with.  I highly recommend her services!” — Eve H.

“Jones is a born healer who really listens. She begins her sessions by hearing the whole story of what a person is experiencing, and then uses her hands to listen deeply, uncovering what’s really going on below the surface. On her table, I’ve finally begun to understand how seemingly disconnected pain points are actually related to each other, and even become aware of places I’d been experiencing pain that I hadn’t quite realized. Relaxing doesn’t even begin to describe how restorative my massages with Jones have been!” — Misty M.

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