On sleeping funny and slowing down

Through the miracle of modern technology, I’m writing this post as my bus travels northward from Boston to Portland. A Sandra Bullock movie plays on the video screens, people sleep, or text, or stare out the dark windows.  We pass over bridges, through tolls, speeding along through the night.

And it is this kind of speed – so quick, so distracted, so careless – that’s on my mind.  It isn’t that we don’t need to get from point A to B, but our terrifically capable wheels pass over so much in the meanwhile.

At the same time, many of my clients are coming in lately with pains from having slept funny.  Necks ache. Backs feel tweaked in odd spots. They have reached a kind of stillness – they slept deeply enough not to move out of those uncomfortable positions, after all! – but not one that leaves them feeling rested.

As my bus approaches home, I wonder about that fine balance: the sweet spot between stillness and movement. A pace that allows us to be nourished by what we’re traveling through.  My wish? May we sleep peacefully, and wake ready to move with our whole selves.