IMG_2280A friend posted a quote today that resonated:

“No need to fix it, just gotta love it.”

It took my mood and opened up some space, some play. What if, when things are difficult, we take the time to love them, exactly as they are? Now, if this had been a truly foul mood, I might have had some, er, choice words for such a suggestion. But it gave me enough pause to sit back in myself and imagine a different way.

This time of year, we are harvesting. Pulling in what we’ve sewn over the season, taking stock of choices made. The garlic… I should have weeded that, probably.  The tomatoes – they really DO need water, apparently.

But part of what this quotation reminded me of was that we are always seeding and harvesting.  Neither a done deal, we have opportunities to try, and try again. To take what seems broken and unfixable, and learn to love it, exactly as it is.   That decision, those tomatoes, this mood, these teeny garlic plants – a just right, just right now, harvest.